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08 December 2009 @ 11:44 am
News v.s. Not News  
Intern was watching TV at the gym this morning, specifically news on NBC. All of a sudden there was "breaking news"...about Tiger Woods' affairs. Cut to footage of a blond woman being wheeled on a gurney into a hospital (a woman brought to the hospital from Tiger Woods' home!). Then cut to a montage recap of the entire Tiger Woods scandal.

Excuse Intern for being presumptuous, but why is this "breaking news" on NBC? Why is this even news at all? Intern could see this being a big story on E! or TMZ or some other pure entertainment venue, but on NBC's morning news? There's a huge (and at least a little inappropriate) preoccupation with celebrity love lives in this country, but this doesn't need to taint journalism. Intern knows NBC is hurting for ratings, but this is ridiculous. The man may have had an affair, or several. So what?! People do it all the time, it's nothing new. And it's certainly not newsworthy.

End Intern rant.