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03 February 2011 @ 03:50 pm
Media Show Huddle Breakdown!  
O hai, Internets!

Thanks to everyone who came to our live video chat on January 30th! Especially Cheesebeagle, for showing up in a fursuit.

If you didn’t make it, here’s what you missed:
  • the return of the original Red Shirt Intern
  • her description of how her early Stanislavsky acting training helped her portray “being eaten by a monster”
  • debates about the size of our wig budget
  • generally way more wigs than anyone could handle.
Gus (Weena), Abby (Erna), and Nicola (Original Intern) frakking about after the chat.
Gus (Weena), Abby (Erna), and Nicola (Original Intern) frakking about after the chat. Photo by Rob Vincent (Monster of the Week).

Sadly, we didn’t record any of it -- you had to be there! But there’s a few things we thought we’d write up, to share them with you.

Here’s some questions that came up.  We’d still like to hear answers from those of you who couldn’t make it!

(The fans asked us) Is it true you're made from old bras?
Bras, yes, but old bras, no -- Erna and Weena are made partly out of new, unrecycled, manmade bra materials. We figured that bra foam would be roughly the right shape for puppet heads, more flexible than most foam (and thus more expressive), lightweight, and less hot. The Monster of the Week’s internal construction has a lot to do with a baseball cap and some polyester stuffing. The Intern is a sock.

At this point it’s not totally clear whether it was worth it in the long run -- the bras are deforming pretty quick and are harder to manipulate than the big-chunk-of-foam constructions you see in most puppets being built in YouTube videos. Stay tuned for further updates on our puppets’ evolution, and Gus’s forthcoming tutorial, “Twelve Radical Things You Can Do With Bras.” (No kidding.)

(We asked the fans) How did you first find the show? Have you shared the show with anyone? How? What was their response?
Zack, who works for a nonprofit, says he talks to people about what he learned from the spam episode. Casey, Media Show Fan #1, says she refers people to the Yell and Sell episode as an example of “media awareness.”

(The fans asked us) What are you?
You could have phrased that more politely :P Erna and Weena are mixed-species. Their mother is a tawny frogmouth, a kind of Australian bird. Weena’s dad was an eel. Erna, her sister-from-another-mister, was probably fathered by a Yorkshire terrier, though there’s some debate about that -- it could have been an owl, a deer, or a teddy bear. (We do NOT tolerate comments that this reflects poorly on their mother’s moral character. She’s a free spirit, dammit.)

Both of them go by their mother’s last name, which is Jimenez due to historical reasons re: family fleeing Australia for Puerto Rico during World War Two, rra rra bla blah etc and so forth. As they say on Internets, It’s Complicated.

(We asked the fans) Is there anything in the media we should cover? Anything that makes you go "huh"?
A couple of people thought “social media” are important to cover, and thought maybe flash puppet mobs were a good idea. People seemed to like the episodes where we go out and talk to people as a way to “change it up.”

(The fans asked us) If the intern gets a tan, does she become a khaki colored sock?
Ooh, good question. We’ll have to experiment and get back to you on that one (evil leer).

(We asked the fans) Merch! If we were to offer Media Show swag, what should we sell? What would you buy?
Everyone likes the idea of having stickers, and one person mentioned using the flamingo for our logo. Other people mentioned aprons, tote bags, or banners. Chobbaranks said “i want interns redshirt.” Cheesebeagle suggested something people could take their pictures with and send in to us, which we think is intriguing. What should that object be? And what other Media Show goodies should we sell?

(The fans asked us) Out of curiosity, why puppets?
Puppets can do things people can’t, both physically and humor-wise. And they’re less labor-intensive than animation; plus they can still interact with actual people more believably.

While building them, we were thinking of what we learned about Sesame Street scriptwriters, who often went for physical humor: Prairie Dawn is tiny and prissy, so it’s fun to have her blown away in a strong wind, eaten or thrown around by a huge monster, etc. So Abby and Gus thought, what’s funny about our girls? “One of them is furry” was one of the first things to pop into our minds.

(We asked the fans) Where should we be publishing/advertising to help more people find the show?
Cheesebeagle suggested FurAffinity and SoFurry. Zalance suggested DeviantArt. There was some consensus that we should try for a Super Bowl spot, but cmon guys, that is way out of our budget range. Doing a spoof of a Super Bowl ad seemed like a reasonable compromise. Where else should we be letting people know about the show?

(The fans asked us) Is there like an intern pit for failed interns?
Stay tuned -- an upcoming episode explains where Interns come from.
It will be Safe For Work, except possibly for periodic cussing.

(The fans asked us) How do magnet work?
Lobster stick to magnet. Duh.

(The fans asked us) Is the room actually stretching, or is it just your imagination?
Yes. What?

(We asked the fans) Should we do more live chats?
Everyone, both audience and puppeteers, agreed that yes, we should!
DM us with the best way to contact you if you'd like to be there for the next one!
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